Celebrating your birthday by lighting your hair on fire

By May 16, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments

sallyOn this May 16th lets blow out the candles for Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas, outspoken Billy Martin and former NHL MVP Corey Perry, reading from the couch at home. Despite reading from the couch right now, Corey Perry is a hell of a hockey player though he got his shit kicked in by Pavel Datsyuk, which is astounding because it seems every year Datsyuk wins the gentlemanly award handed out by the NHL. Nonetheless, lets celebrate the man who has won four championship rings, with three different teams, in three different decades and two different millenniums, John Salley. More importantly he has reinvented himself after basketball with appearances in movies, reality shows and as a celebrity judge.

Since todays birthdays were less than stellar, lets watch a hot chick blowing out her candles and her hair catches on fire. Cake: 1 Stupid Girl: 0.