Celebrity Superfans | Epic Week (Ep 278)

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Which Celebrity is a Superfan of your favorite team? To celebrate the birthdays of Rob Lowe and Billy Crystal, Tom and Nick talk about their favorite celebrity superfans who have been doing it for years, never miss a game, and can often be seen in their team’s gear. This week’s Birthday Roll Call was full of awesome athletes including Anthony Davis, Dale Murphy, Trent Dilfer, The Late Kirby Puckett, Larry “Grandmama” Johnson, Steph Curry, Harold Baines, Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin, Chris Davis, Rhys Hoskins, and Mia Hamm. Last but not least, Tom took pleasure in covering The Late Dock Ellis and his famously bizarre no-hitter, and Nick gave a shoutout and dab to Paul Pogba! Enjoy the show and make it an Epic Week!

Show Notes:

0:00-1:24 Intro: Welcome to Epic Week by Bacon Sports. I’m Bachelor fan, don’t judge me, Tom Pellegrino along with my podcast tag-team partner Sleep Deprived Nick Schwietering. Epic Week looks at the sports Birthdays and Anniversaries for a week in sports. This week, we are talking about March 11th through 17th.

1:25-9:15 Main Event: To celebrate the Birthdays of two famous sports fans, Rob Lowe (Cincinnati Reds) and Billy Crystal (New York Yankees), we want to spend a few minutes talking about Celebrity SuperFans. We have some “Top Dogs” who have been doing it for years and or never miss a game, including Jack Nicholson. Ashley Judd kicked off our “Also Receiving Votes,” which contained a few we didn’t even know about! Baconators helped us out with a few mentions on Facebook, and we finished things off with some Celebrity Soccer Fans!

9:16-14:35 Roll Call: Anthony Davis, Dale Murphy, Trent Dilfer, The Late Kirby Puckett, Larry “Grandmama” Johnson, Steph Curry, Harold Baines, Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin, Chris Davis, Rhys Hoskins, Mia Hamm.

14:36-17:48 Why Should I Care: The Late Dock Ellis threw a no hitter while tripping on LSD. Paul Pogba is one of the most polarizing and marketable soccer players on the planet.

17:49-19:00 Outro: That’s all for the show today. Please check out Bacon Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Bacon Sports. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and rate us (preferably my power forward daughter’s jersey number of stars 5; 5 is also the number of teams Case Keenum has been on after being traded to Washington. Follow me on Twitter @BaconSportsTom and Nick @SweetsCincy. If you like this podcast, share it with your sports fan friends, and tell them it’s awesome. If you hate this podcast, share it with your sports fan friends, so they can laugh at how bad it is! It is also Paul Wall’s birthday this week so we are sending you out to Sittin’ Sidewayz! For Nick Schwietering, I’m Tom Pellegrino, make it an Epic Week.

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