Chad Johnson Bengals jersey + duct tape = this Wifebeater jersey

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chad johnson wife beater jersey

chad johnson wife beater jerseyLeave it to Cincinnati Bengals fans to end the season swinging. Instead replacing HER (yes, this is a chick) Chad Johnson jersey with a new one of the second best wide receiver in football, AJ Green, she decided to throw some duct tape over the name and make light of the fact that Ocho got arrested for going all Jason Kidd on his fiance. Nothing say class like rocking a Wifebeater #85 Bengals jersey. This is one of the more creative custom made jerseys that we’ve seen in a while so kudos to her. We love your sick sense of humor.

Shout out to my boy Marty D for this gem of a find. If you need someone to play just the tip with or want to be serenaded with a guitar he is certainly your man.

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