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bacon sports triviaThis week’s sports trivia is dedicated to the city of Chicago. Despite all of its’ corruption and violence, it is quite a sports town with some of the most die-hard fans you can find. So, this weekend pound some Old Style and see how you measure up on your Chicago sports trivia knowledge.

1. Nicknamed “The Gerbil,” this Cub was the last NL manager to win the Manager of the Year award. Who is he?

2. What former NBA lottery pick is the last Chicago Bull to win the league’s 6th man of the year award?

3. Walter Payton is the Bears all-time leader in rushing yards. What Pro Bowl RB ranks #2?

4. Who holds the White Sox record for hitting the most HRs in one season? (Hint: It happened in the last 20 years.)

5. What Hall of Fame defenseman holds the Blackhawks career record for penalty minutes?

6. What former defensive legend was voted to the most number of Pro Bowls as a Chicago Bear?

7. What 7-time All-Star reliever has the most saves in Chicago Cubs history?

8. The Chicago Bulls last had a Hall of Famer on their team during the 2003-2004 season. Who is he?

9. What Blackhawks goalie, and noted bird enthusiast, holds the record for most wins in a season?

10. Who was the last Chicago White Sox pitcher to take home a Cy Young award, which he did in 1993?

11. Throughout their franchise history, the Chicago Bears have beaten this opponent the most number of times. Who are they?

12. Currently, the Cubs have recorded the second-most franchise wins in MLB history. What NL franchise is ahead of them?

In honor of the city of Chicago, here is a NSFW rant for the ages by Cubs manager Lee Elia back in 1983. If you haven’t heard it before, you’ll enjoy it.

Plus, this awesome 80’s rap song celebrating everything that is The Fridge.

1. Don Zimmer – 1989
2. Ben Gordon in the 2005-2006 season
3. Matt Forte 6,666 yards
4. Albert Belle with 49 HRs in 1998
5. Chris Chelios with 1,495 PIM
6. Mike Singletary with 10 Pro Bowls
7. Lee Smith 180 saves
8. Scottie Pippen who played 23 games that season
9. Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour with 43 wins in the 1990-1991 season
10. Jack McDowell who went 22-10
11. The Bears beat the Detroit Lions 95 times since 1920
12. The San Francisco Giants lead all of MLB with 10,735 wins


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