Average Joe of the Day: Chili Davis

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Chili Davis

Chili DavisThere are few, if any, names as good as Chili Davis. We should all be so lucky to be named after a delicious tailgating food. How did he get his wonderful name? He got a bad haircut in sixth grade and a friend asked “How’d the barber cut your hair? With a chili bowl?” The name stuck.

Chili Davis was a workhorse at the plate. He had 400+ AB’s in 16 of his 19 seasons. In 93′ he had his only season of 100+ rbi’s (112). Unfortunately he hit a Mark Lemke-like .243. It was the lowest batting average of his career. He was a 3-time All Star, finished 22nd in MVP voting 94′, was a 3-time World Series Champion, and 4th in Rookie of the Year voting in 82′. He had 10 seasons of 20+ home runs and was a respectable .274 career hitter. He finished his career with the 16th most career intentional walks since 1955. He had 188 which was more than Reggie Jackson, Frank Thomas, and Rafael Palmeiro. Nice company.

While his hitting stats were slightly above average his pitching numbers were amazing. He pitched two innings in one game for the Angels, faced 7 batters, hit one of them, but gave up no hits or runs. Nice work Greg Maddux.

In 97′ he was traded to the Royals for Mark Gubicza. There is nothing important about this other than I got to mention Mark Gubicza (who would also be an average joe).

Rob Cressy

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