Raplete Review: Chris Webber

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chris-webber-rap-2-much-dramaTimeout. Chris Webber put out a rap album? In 1999 under the name C. Webb, Chris Webber released his debut and only rap album 2 Much Drama. Webber was playing for the Sacramento Kings at the time, and it shows on the album with most tracks having a major West Coast vibe. The lead single is titled Gangsta! Gangsta! (How U Do It) and features Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound. C.Webb holds his own on his verses including this standout line, a shout-out to fellow athletes and Detroit natives:

You can’t forget us, fetish for lettuce / From the home of J. Rose and Jerome Bettis

Look at C. Webb in that video with a damn flower in his mouth lookin’ like a black Don Flamenco.

Webber’s rap career may look modest, but like a raplete version of Dr. Dre, music production is where C. Webb shines. He is credited with the production on Nas tracks Blunt Ashes and Surviving The Times, and both beats are high quality bangers. It has also been rumored for years that Webber is producing beats that are being used in the hip hop community under an alias to avoid predispositions about his raplete status. Timeout. So there could be rap tracks out right now produced by C. Webb, and we don’t even know it? That modesty combined with Webber capitalizing on his strengths earns him mad respect in our Raplete Rankings. I’m out of timeouts, so I’m just going to wrap (rap) this up.

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