College Basketball Sports Trivia. How well do you know Coaches?

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college-basketball-sports-triviaWith the college basketball season heating up, we wanted to pay tribute to the coaches, like Pete Bell of Blue Chips, who helped young players improve their game, while at the same time did their best to keep those same players from taking booster dollars and shaving points. Here’s an all college basketball coaches edition of sports trivia to test your skills.

1. Which of these coaches has more D-I career victories?

  1. Jerry Tarkanian or Roy Williams
  2. Lute Olson or Lou Henson
  3. John Wooden or Bob Huggins
  4. Jim Calhoun or Dean Smith
  5. Denny Crum or Eddie Sutton

2. Place these coaches in order from highest to lowest based on their number of Final Four appearances?

  • John Thompson
  • John Calipari
  • Mike Krzyzewski
  • Bob Knight
  • Rick Pitino

3. Who was the oldest coach ever to win an NCAA basketball title?

4. Which coach had the longest tenure over a single D-I program?

5. Which coach guided his team to the longest winning streak in college basketball history?

6. Can you rank these active coaches by NCAA Tournament winning percentage starting with the highest?

  • Tom Izzo
  • Mark Few
  • Larry Brown
  • John Thompson III
  • Thad Matta

Before we reveal the answers, here are a couple classic clips of legendary college hoops coaches. For the first I only need to say two names: John Chaney and John Calipari. You probably know what happens next.

Plus, if we’re talking about college coaches, we have to include an obligatory clip of The General, Robert Montgomery Knight (NSFW language). Apparently he was not happy with Greg Graham at all.


1. Coaching Wins:

  1. Tarkanian 761 – Williams 710
  2. Olson 776 – Henson 775
  3. Wooden 664 – Huggins 661
  4. Smith 879 – Calhoun 877
  5. Sutton 806 – Crum 675

2. Final Four Appearances:

  1. Mike Krzyzewski – 11
  2. Rick Pitino – 7
  3. Bobby Knight – 5
  4. John Calipari – 4
  5. John Thompson – 2

3. The oldest coach to win a title is Jim Calhoun at 68 years old in 2011.

4. Longest Tenure over a D-I program is Adolph Rupp, 42 years at UK 1930-1972.

5. Coached the Longest Winning Streak: John Wooden, UCLA, 88 games from 1971-1974.

6. Rank these active coaches by NCAA Tournament winning percentage starting with the highest.

  1. Larry Brown – .760
  2. Tom Izzo – .727
  3. Thad Matta – .676
  4. Mark Few – .517
  5. John Thompson III – .471



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