College basketball trivia: Where’d they go to school March Madness Cinderella’s edition

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george-mason-cinderellaMarch Madness is right around the corner and I feel like an 8th grader on the last day of school just waiting to throw my trapper keeper and papers up in the air and let loose. It’s all that I can think about and it is consuming every aspect of my life. Since I can feel the magic in the air I thought it would be appropriate to drop an all March Madness Cinderella edition of “where’d they go to school” college basketball trivia.

Below are 20 players that were on Cinderella teams. Tell me which school they went to.

  1. Bryce Drew
  2. Harold “the Show” Arceneaux
  3. Billy Donovan
  4. TJ Sorrentine
  5. Steve Nash
  6. Ed Pinckney
  7. Wally Szczerbiak
  8. Lionel Chalmers
  9. Austin Croshere
  10. Kareem Rush
  11. Ali Farokhmanesh
  12. Bill Curley
  13. Stephen Curry
  14. Trevor Huffman
  15. Richie Frahm
  16. Bo Kimble
  17. Jamie Skeen
  18. Lorenzo Charles
  19. Shelvin Mack
  20. Marcellus Sommerville

Before I give you the answers here’s a video of some buzzer beaters from the 2011 NCAA tournament to get your juices flowing.

Here’s the answers. If you really want to test yourself see if you can name the mascot of each school.

  1. Bryce Drew – Valparaiso
  2. Harold “the Show” Arceneaux – Weber State
  3. Billy Donovan – Providence Fryers
  4. TJ Sorrentine – Vermont Catamounts
  5. Steve Nash – Santa Clara
  6. Ed Pinckney – Villanova
  7. Wally Szczerbiak – Miami (OH)
  8. Lionel Chalmers – Xavier
  9. Austin Croshere – Providence
  10. Kareem Rush – Missouri
  11. Ali Farokhmanesh – Northern Iowa
  12. Bill Curley – Boston College
  13. Stephen Curry – Davidson
  14. Trevor Huffman – Kent St
  15. Richie Frahm – Gonzaga
  16. Bo Kimble – Loyola Marymount
  17. Jamie Skeen – VCU
  18. Lorenzo Charles – North Carolina State
  19. Shelvin Mack – Butler
  20. Marcellus Sommerville – Bradley


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