College Basketball Trivia Questions

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college-basketball-sports-triviaWelcome back baconators to another edition of the favorite part of your work week, the sports trivia that not only challenges but rewards. This week we will focus on the newly started college hoops season. For any of you lucky readers that were fortunate to have a ticket to the State Farm Champions Classic at the United Center, well played my friend. What a nice set of games and teams to get things popping.

Below is sets of college basketball trivia questions designed to challenge and inspire. Good luck.

(Each question is worth one point)

Last 5 college hoops champions

  1. 2013
  2. 2012
  3. 2011
  4. 2010
  5. 2009

Random College Basketball Trivia

  1. School with the most championships?
  2. Conference with the most championships?
  3. What team plays at Cameron Indoor Stadium?
  4. Last team to 3-peat?
  5. Most #1 seeds in tourney history?
  6. Name 1 of 2 schools that have made the Final Four as an 11th seed?
  7. Which Duke player had more career points, Grant Hill or J.J. Redick?
  8. Coach with the most career wins?
  9. What college did David Robinson attend?
  10. Only Cinncinati player to win the Naismith Award?
  11. Last team to go undefeated?
  12. Only Freshman to win the Naismith Award?
  13. Which coach has won more games, Lute Olsen or Bob Knight?
  14. Which school has the longest home winning streak?
  15. Most career points in the tournament by a player?

Before checking your score, dig into some awesomeness with this video of Mateen Cleaves.


Part 1

  1. Louisville
  2. Kentucky
  3. Connecticut
  4. Duke
  5. UNC

Part 2

  1. UCLA
  2. Pac 12
  3. Duke
  4. UCLA
  5. UNC
  6. George Mason or LSU
  7. J.J. Redick
  8. Coach K
  9. Navy
  10. Kenyon Martin
  11. Indiana
  12. Kevin Durant
  13. Bob Knight
  14. Kentucky
  15. Christian Laettner

Scoring Chart

17-20 points-#1 seed

12-16 points- #4 or #5 seed

8-11 points- Cinderella

7 or less points- Didn’t even make the play in game

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