Getting After It Part II: Colombia World Cup Watch Party

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ColombiaThe World Cup celebrates the world’s game, and nobody has more parts of the world in one place than Miami. I was on hand as Colombian fans celebrated their 3-0 win over Greece at Kukaramakara in Brickell. Aguila beer was flowing, but the Colombian drink of choice is a shot of Aguardiente which translates to “Fire Water.” Have a few of those, and you’ll be convinced you can speak Spanish in no time.

Bacon Sports is “worldwide” as Miami celebrity Pitbull likes to say. Check out these photos and videos from a Colombia World Cup Watch Party to add a little Latin flavor to your World Cup watching experience.

IMG_20140614_112943819_HDR IMG_20140614_124452746_HDR IMG_20140614_155343284_HDR

From their cars to their beer, these Colombians don’t mess around!

IMG_20140614_120036260_HDR IMG_20140614_123817274_HDR IMG_20140614_152916374_HDR

It doesn’t matter what age you are, these Colombians rock their jerseys and their spirit proudly!


Pregame festivities around Miami. The Colombians are spilling into the street.




They’re already dancing and the game has not even started yet! Shakira, anyone?



Traditional Colombian meals plus aguardiente. It’s not bacon and beer, but it’s still pretty darn good!



If you are at a World Cup Watch Party make sure to take some pics/video and email it over to us at 

Ryan Mackman

Ryan Mackman

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