Colt McCoy Jersey Sales Up 10000%

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colt-mccoy-maniaWashington, DC – On the heels of Colt McCoy’s triumphant return to the NFL for the Washington Redskins, sales of Colt McCoy Redskins jerseys are up 10000% and the team is having a hard time fulfilling all the requests.

“It has been absolutely crazy over here since Colt McCoy replaced Kirk Cousins in the second half and set the NFL on fire with his near perfect performance,” said Manager of the Redskins pro shop Glenn Abrahams. “Since then there hasn’t been a Colt McCoy Redskins jersey to be found in the place! You’ve really got to know someone to get your hands on one, and quite frankly we don’t even know when we are going to be able to get more in. It’s really been overwhelming.”

For a team like the Redskins who are coming off such a dreadful season and having virtually no marketable quarterbacks on the roster, having something like Colt McCoy Mania fall into their laps is a game changer. Business Insider’s believe that if Colt McCoy continues to deliver results like this for the Redskins that he’ll catch Jay Cutler for #44 best selling NFL jersey in no time.

“Jay Cutler is dealing with a train wreck in Chicago but the sky’s the limit for Colt McCoy,” expressed marketing maven Niles Miller. “Just take a look at some of these tweets about Colt McCoy and try and tell me Colt McCoy Mania isn’t real.”

Fan sentiment outside FedEx field also echoes the Colt McCoy Mania. “I’m so excited to have a quarterback who lead a team to a National Title game”, said Redskins fan Marc Gorland. “You can’t say that about RGIII or Kirk Cousins. As soon as the pro shop gets more Colt McCoy jerseys in stock I’ll be replacing my Gus Frerotte jersey right away!”

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