Comparing the NCAA Tournament to Bacon

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march-madness-baconIt might sound like a strange comparison, but it’s true. The NCAA March Madness Tournament is much like bacon. Of course, you cannot put the NCAA tournament on a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise for lunch, but it’s still just as delicious, in its own way. Bacon and NCAA Tournament basketball are both similar and different and here’s how.


Both at the Top of Their Field

When it comes to basketball tournaments the NCAA March Madness Tournament is by far the best one you will find in the entire world (unless of course you know where those tournaments from Bloodsport go down). It is at the top of its field for sure. Bacon is no different. It’s by far the tastiest, most sought after and the favorite part of the pig for nearly everybody. If you love pork, you love bacon the most, just as if you love basketball, you love March Madness the most.


Opening a package of bacon, throwing it in the skillet, cooking it up and letting it rest before you eat it rarely yields a dozen pieces looking and tasting exactly alike. Unless you’re a professional chef and you gain access to a perfect cut of bacon, there are always some pieces crispier than others are. During the NCAA Tournament, some of the “undercooked” or smaller schools tend to pull out games and surprise fans. Just like bacon, some teams turn out just right and others end up going home after an upset. The surprises make it fun.


Invite all your friends over for a lock-in (because that’s how we roll) and before anybody wakes up, start cooking a few pounds of bacon. They will gradually start migrating to your kitchen like a herd of buffalo simply because of the smell. With the NCAA Tournament, it’s no different. Put on a game with all your friends over and they will all crowd around the TV waiting for the excitement. It’s called March Madness for a reason and both the tournament and bacon will create excitement naturally.



Everybody should indulge with bacon at least once a week, if not more. It’s readily available for purchase at any grocery store, most convenience stores, and in some parts of the country even┬ádepartment stores (who wouldn’t want to be able to buy jeans, an Affliction t-shirt, and bacon all at the same time). However, the tournament only shows up once a year and there’s nothing you can do to get it more than just once a year. You only get to fill out a bracket or play other fun giveaways like the 21st March Madness Contest once a year. Could you imagine if you were only given one ration of bacon per year?

The Gamble

You never have to worry about gambling with bacon. Like anything that says Terry Richardson and Kate Upton in the same sentence, it’s always good. However, with the March Madness tournament half the fun is filling out your bracket, dropping some coin and hoping the 12-seed that you went all in on doesn’t crap themselves like Al Roker. There are few things in life that go together as well as gambling and March Madness.

As you can see, bacon and March Madness are very similar, but they do have a couple of slight differences. If you really want to get the best of both worlds, bet your friends on who can eat the most amount of bacon while watching March Madness.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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