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Once In A Lifetime Sports Memorabilia Auction

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Want an opportunity to own a piece of NBA history, become the greatest hoopster ever, or be able to walk around with a Super Bowl ring on your finger? Well you are in luck because my friends at Worthridge Auctions and Retail have got an incredible opportunity for you that will blow your mind (I know mine was when I heard about it). That’s why they sponsored this post so that all you sports junkies, sports memorabilia collectors, and NBA jersey enthusiasts can be stylin & profilin to a level only attained by the Nature Boy Ric Flair. WOOO!

What Worthridge has going on is their Winter Sports Memorabilia Auction which runs from now until 10:00 pm (est) on Sunday, Dec 13. Featured in this auction are once in a lifetime items from former Chicago Bull and three point specialist Craig Hodges, Moses Malone (who needs no introduction), and former New York Giants Super Bowl winner Tony Galbreath. There is so much sports awesomeness that you can own that I’ll break down each lot individually.

Craig Hodges Collection (click to view all items)

If given the chance between walking on the moon and owning Craig Hodges 1993 NBA Three-Point Contest jersey, which is the most unique jersey ever since he is the only player in NBA history to ever compete in the contest without being on an NBA roster (he was a free agent at the time), I’d have to think long and hard about it.  Alongside this jersey in the collection are some signed Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks warmup gear, entire team signed basketballs from the early 90’s Jordan era Chicago Bulls, and NBA three-point trophies that Craig Hodges won. Please take a minute and change your pants if you need to. Let’s get this party started. 3-2-1…


This is the GOAT. The greatest hoopster jersey that one can own (which comes with a matching pair of shorts). I’ve dreamed about this jersey because it’s 1 of 1, the gold standard in hoopsterness. No one else in the history of sports will ever have it. For a basketball fan with a deep appreciation for NBA history as well as love of randomness it’s as good as it gets.

If you want a chance to own this piece of NBA and jersey history then you can bid on it here. In full transparency I have put in two bids on it but have already been outbid. Clearly I am not alone in the love, respect, and awesomeness for this Craig Hodges Three-Point contest jersey.


craig-hodges-bucks-trophy craig-hodges-bulls-jersey-trophy

We’ve all shot a three pointer before but none of us have ever shot it as well as Craig Hodges. He won three consecutive NBA Three-Point Shootouts (1990,91,92), tied with Larry Bird for the most ever. You can now add one of Craig Hodges three point field goal percentage trophies or the granddaddy of them all, his actual 1990 Three-Point Shootout trophy, to your collection.

Since there are many of you out there salivating at the opportunity to have this in your man cave, on your mantle or desk at work, or as the hood ornament on your car I’ve taken the liberty to pre-write a note to Santa on your behalf.

Dear Santa,

I am willing to forgo Christmas presents for the next three years if you’ll put Craig Hodges Three-Point Shootout trophy under the tree this year. I’ll also stop complaining about Stephen A & Skip Bayless and I’ll volunteer in the NBA Cares program. Think of it this way, it’s a win-win for everyone. You’ll have to do less work, I’ll be eternally grateful, and I’ll be helping others at the same time. I’ll even polish the trophy daily and parade it around town like it’s the Stanley Cup so that others can enjoy it.

With much hoopster love,

*insert your name*

If you want a chance to own this piece of NBA three-point history then you can bid on the trophies here.



What I love most about these signed Chicago Bulls & Milwaukee Bucks warmups is the warmups themselves. The Milwaukee Bucks warmup is old school and fresh. That green stands out and makes me think of the days when Terry Cummings and Jack Sikma roamed the court. I could picture myself walking through a mall wearing one of these, stopping in Sharper Image or Brookstone to chill in one of those reclining massage chairs to watch some YouTube clips of the Bucks from back in the day. Life is good.

As for the Chicago Bulls warmup, it’s pretty self explanatory. Craig Hodges played with Michael Jordan’s Bulls. Michael Jordan’s Bulls of the 1990’s was the greatest and most impactful and impressionable team(s) of my childhood. Those Chicago Bulls red, black, and white colors leave an indelible thought of awesomeness in my head. Walking around in a Chicago Bulls warmup that was on the same team as Michael Jordan is as close to being like Mike as you can get.

If you want a chance to own one of these fresh to death NBA warmups then you can bid on them here.

1991-chicago-bulls-signed-basketball 1992-chicago-bulls-signed-basketball

Keeping this Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls theme going, these two signed basketballs from the 1991 and 1992 Chicago Bulls are in the running for greatest signed team basketballs in NBA history. Sure there’s preference on who the greatest NBA team ever is (I go with the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team that won 72 games), but what is never up for debate is the awesomeness of Michael Jordan. While the supporting cast certainly gets dap, this is all about Michael Jordan. These signed basketballs are from when the Jordan era really began. When he started his assent into being the greatest basketball player in NBA history. That my friends deserves about 10 boomshakalaka’s!

If you want a chance to own one of two signed Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls basketballs then you can bid on them here.

Moses Malone Collection


There are two items in the Moses Malone collection and the first one is is fo-fo-fo-fresh. What we’ve got is Moses Malone’s High School Letterman sweater from Petersburg High School. This is next level random and awesome, I know.

Moses Malone is the first player ever to go straight from high school to playing in a professional basketball league (the ABA). Without Moses Malone being a pioneer who knows if LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett would have had the opportunity to grace the NBA with their immense basketball talent at such an early age.

This sweater is an item of basketball history that is more likely to be awesome to you, the NBA junky, historian, and collector, than it is the casual fan (unlike the Chicago Bulls stuff). From a basketball purity standpoint, however, this Moses Malone High School Letterman sweater is like sweeping the NBA playoffs in fo-fo-fo.

If you want a chance to own this piece of NBA history then you can bid on the sweater here.

The other historic item available is Moses Malone’s Virginia High School Hall of Fame induction plaque. Moses lead his team to back-to-back Virginia state High School championships (as if you’d expect anything less). If you want a chance own this piece of Moses Malone history then you can bid on the plaque here.

Tony Galbreath Collection

super-bowl-ring-tony-galbreath super-bowl-trophy-tony-galbreath

Alright football and New York Giants fans, ready to get your panties all in a bunch? NFL players spend their entire lifetime hoping to get a shot at winning a Super Bowl, hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy, and wearing a Super Bowl ring the size of a Ford Explorer. Now you’ve got an opportunity to own a Super Bowl ring, a Vince Lombardi trophy, and more importantly a piece of NFL and New York Giants history.

Tony Galbreath was on the 1986-87 New York Giants team that defeated the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. That was the first Super Bowl for John Elway and was the game immediately following “The Drive” for the Broncos.

Just picture this conversation with your nextdoor neighbor.

You: Hey John Q. Neighbor, how was your Christmas?

John Q. Neighbor: Good, I got a gift card to the movies and a new polo shirt. How about you?

You: Insanely amazing. My wife got me a Super Bowl ring from when the Giants beat John Elway’s Broncos.

John Q. Neighbor: *insert Clay Davis Sheeeeeeeeeeeee-it*

So would you like this gift wrapped or the receipt in the box?

Check out the rest of the sports memorabilia in Tony Galbreath’s lot and if you want a chance to own a Super Bowl ring or Vince Lombardi trophy then you can bid on them here.

Just wanted to tie up a few loose ends regarding this amazing Winter Sports Memorabilia Auction. In order to bid on these items you need to register on the WorthRidge site. It’s a super easy process which I already did. After that you can place your bids.

These items do have reserve prices that have to be met, but I’ve been told they aren’t gonna be the price of a kidney or anything like that.

If you do end up bidding on an item or winning one please hit me up on Twitter @BaconSports or shoot me an email to boom@baconsports.com. I’d love to share in the enthusiasm and fun of it all and if you end up winning having you on the podcast to talk about it.

Good luck.

Rob Cressy

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