Craig Sager School of Fashion

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Every time TNT has an NBA game that Craig Sager is at we’ll try and show you what he is wearing. His attire is usually more interesting than a gorilla on acid and we sincerely hope that he doesn’t have a stylist. It can’t be possible that two people in this world actually think that what he is wearing is good.

Craig Sager Suit during Heat vs. Mavericks GameWith the Heat vs. Mavericks game being on Christmas you knew that Craig Sager was going to rock something festive. Naturally he didn’t disappoint. If Santa Claus had to get a second job as a doorman because Mrs. Claus was hooked on some of that Sam Hurd stuff and being Santa Clause just wasn’t paying the bills then this is what Santa would wear. Sager decided to rock a very tame red suit with a candy cane-like pocket square (yes, a red suit is tame for Craig Sager) but blow it out with a sequined red and white striped tie that looks like a 12 year old girl got a hold of a bedazzler and went Milton Bradley all over his tie. Great start to the season Sager!

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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