Craig Sager’s Suits: Double Duty

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I’m playing a little bit of catch up on my man Craig Sager and his fabulous suits. That means that I’ve got two outfits to show you. The first is from last Thursday’s Chicago Bulls game where Sager thought that it was dress like Bruce Pearl night. His tie looks like one of those Word Art fonts that you can choose on Power Point. Michael Irvin would be proud of this gitup.

Craig Sager Orange Suit

Sager was at Tuesday’s Knicks/Celtics game and tamed things up a bit. This suit is representative of his age (62-ish) and looks like something that old people in Vero Beach, Florida wear to the early bird special at Perkins. His green tie gives this a Key Lime Pie type of look to it.

Craig Sager Suit at Knicks game

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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