Craig Sager Suits: Double Trouble

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I was on vacation last week so I’m playing catch up. That means that we’ve got double Craig Sager duty plus a bonus from Baylor’s hoops team.

At last Thursday’s Orlando Magic vs Oklahoma City Thunder matchup Sager was back at the scene of the NBA All Star game. This is the same place that saw him rock these two fine looking suits. Like Ricky Rubio’s shooting percentage (35% for the year and 23% over the last two weeks) Sager’s outfit was disappointing and no where near as good as before. Except for a lime green tie and a slightly bold blue suit coat this outfit could be construed as normal. When Sager gives us an effort like this it’s the equivalent of when Derrick Rose scores 11 points on 4 of 13 shooting and sits out the fourth quarter. It’s not what people came to see.

Craig Sager's suit at the Magic vs Thunder game

How does Craig Sager redeem himself? By coming back strong at yesterday’s Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic game and rocking a suit that is uglier than the Lakers blowing a 21 point second half lead to the Wizards. Welcome back my friend, welcome back! If you look over Sager’s right shoulder you’ll see three people laughing, one lady taking a picture, and one woman pointing at him. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that Sager’s attire is funny.

Craig Sager's suit at the Magic vs Bulls game

Baylor basketball unveiled some new uniforms this week and they look like they were designed by Crayola. Their uniforms could be put in an empty Absolute bottle with water and a blacklight and become a cool college accessory. Baylor basketball is like the poor version of Oregon football. They don’t win as much and don’t have the head of Nike supporting them.

Baylor's new basketball jerseys

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