Craig Sager Suits: March Madness Edition

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With March Madness going on Craig Sager and the TNT crew switched up their roles and were on hand to see the guys that don’t get paid as much as NBA players (but still a lot) take to the court. Like the true professional that Sager is he made sure to bring his A game as he rocked a tie that had a March Madness bracket on it to go with a sport coat that looked like it was made out of burlap. You’ll see that the tie is so mesmerizing that this Florida player can’t help but stare directly at it like it’s some sort of eclipse or nip slip at the Super Bowl.

Craig Sager Bracket Tie

On Sunday Sager wasn’t as gregarious with his outfit but still managed to look like a North Carolina Tar Heels fan that was driving his Cadillac to the carpet store. I have to imagine that Bill Self is ignoring Sager because of this obvious connection to North Carolina (who is in Kansas side of the bracket). This picture also gives us a good contrast of what a regular person looks like in a suit when standing next to Craig Sager.

Craig Sager Suit at Kansas game

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