Craig Sager’s suit and the many faces he made

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craig sager blue suit 6

Lost in all the Gregg Popovich sitting four key players against the Miami Heat and David Stern idiotically losing his lid and promising serious sanctions talk was that our man Craig Sager was back in action dropping another pimp suit on us. The only sanctions that should be imposed on our man Sager is that we NEED MORE SAGER! That’s right, just like needing more cowbell we need more Sager and his dope suits. With suits like this Tarheel blue Cadillac picnic table cover gem how could you go wrong?

In order to try and increase our quota of Craig Sager I thought it would be fun to look at the many different faces that he made and name them.

craig sager blue suit 2

Your team just signed Derrick Fisher and he’s going to be starting at point guard tonight Sager.

craig sager blue suit 6

Getting an over the pants hand job off camera Sager.

craig sager blue suit 4

Do you think anyone saw that I just got an over the pants hand job Sager?

craig sager blue suit 5

Channeling my inner Ted Koppel Sager.

craig sager blue suit 7

I’m about to say something supporting Gregg Popovich’s decision to rest those players Sager.

craig sager blue suit 9

Ut Oh, I think I just criticized David Stern on National TV Sager.

craig sager blue suit 8

Possessed zombie robot Sager.

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