Craig Sager’s suit is more real than Manti Te’o’s girlfriend

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craig sager suits blue heat

craig sager suits blue heatYou know who doesn’t have an invisible girlfriend? Craig Sager. Dude dresses like Sunny from Big Daddy is his Dad and he gets to wear whatever he wants at all times. Guess what, even though he looks like a Fourth of July picnic table cloth at times he was still able to land a wife that is hot. Here’s the proof.

If I’m creating a list of the biggest ballers out there I’m probably putting Floyd Mayweather and the Birdman from Cash Money at the top but Sager isn’t far behind. Did you see that suit he was rocking in that picture with his wife? That my friends is the definition of a baller. He’s standing next to a blonde who is showing some boob and a black guy that played in the NFL (Ryan Stewart) yet he is the one who grabs your attention. “Can’t pay my rent, cause all my money’s spent…but that’s OK, cause I’m still fly!”

This week Sager was in Los Angeles for the Heat vs Lakers game and gave us just an average effort. We’ve certainly seen him way more flamboyant but this ensamble is just enough to satisfy my weekly need for some Sager suits.

The look on Erik Spoelstra’s face says everything that we need to know about what it’s like to see Sager rocking one of his suits in person.

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