Curtis Enis and Brian Cox Chicago Bears Jerseys

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Curtis Enis Brian Cox jersey

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a Curtis Enis and a Brian Cox Chicago Bears jersey. We all know how Curtis Enis was a gigantic bust for the Bears as he only played three seasons and then was out of the NFL. Since the Bears were in need of a running back during the 1998 NFL Draft here’s a look at some of the other running backs they could have selected in the first three rounds that year: Fred Taylor (9th overall), Robert Edwards (18), John Avery (29 – Barf!), Skip Hicks (69), Ahman Green (76), Rashaan Shehee (88). Fred Taylor and Ahman Green are the best of that bunch and other than that you are looking at a bunch of nothing. Robert Edwards could have been good had it not been for injuries. Overall not that impressive of a draft in terms of running backs.

Brian Cox spent two seasons with the Bears and there’s not a lot to talk about regarding his time there. He was coming off consecutive Pro Bowl seasons when he signed with the Bears and he definitely didn’t do that while in Chicago.

Both jerseys are significantly better than their players careers were in Chicago. The Curtis Enis jersey is sure to get you laughs, jeers, and possibly even something thrown at you. The Brian Cox jersey will likely just get you stares since you’ve got to be a little crazy to rock one of his jerseys.

Shout out to Gibson Smith for this great find.

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