Custom Michael Jordan Jersey: Half Bullets Half Bulls

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Michael Jordan half and half jerseyCustom Michael Jordan Jersey: Half Throwback Bullets – Half Bulls

If this guy was just rocking a Michael Jordan throwback Bullets jersey then I might be inclined to give him some dap. The Bullets were a pretty crappy team and when rocking a jersey that adds to the coolness factor. Instead, this drink of water opted to go with the half Bulls – half Bullets jersey and it looks as good as LeBron in the fourth quarter. I’m all for originality but in the history of life there has never been a good split custom jersey ever made.

Did you know…that in the 01′-02′ season with the Wizards, Michael Jordan was the third lowest paid player on the team ($1,000,000). The highest paid player was an over the hill Mitch Richmond ($10,000,o00) who didn’t even play for the team that year (he was on the Lakers). He made almost twice as much as the next guy, Loy Vaught – $5.2 mill, followed by Christian Laettner – $4.5 mill, Jahidi White – $4.4 mill, and Rod Strickland – $3.75 mill. Amazingly the Wizards did not make the playoffs that season. Shocking.

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