Most NBA Finals 3 pointers before Danny Green and Ray Allen?

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stats-on-stats-on-stats-danny-greenWe are going to give you something new every week that appeals more to the stat junkie side of your sports addiction. It’s called Stats on Stats on Stats and it’s going to go inside the numbers to uncover some sports goodness that you probably didn’t know. Boomshakalaka!

Before the 2013 NBA Finals, Spurs guard Danny Green was as well known as what’s inside the briefcase in Ronin. Six games into a series against the “unstoppable” Miami Heat and every basketball fan in America knows Danny Green. For a little back-story, he was known for three things:

1. Helping the North Carolina Tarheels win the 2009 NCAA Title.
2. Dancing with LeBron James when they were on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3. Getting completely outplayed, out hustled and just demolished by the Kansas Jayhawks in the Final Four in 2008, which helped Kansas win a third NCAA Title. Who plays for the Heat? Mario Chalmers, the guy who hit the 3 against Memphis to take the game into overtime. See how I tied that together?

Anyways, now some analysts and experts are pegging Green as a future All-Star. I think that’s too soon for such a bold statement. However, he just crushed Ray Allen’s record for most 3-pointers made in a NBA Finals series with 26 and still has one more game to add on to the record. So it got me thinking, who owned these records before Danny Green and Ray Allen (22 3-pointers in 2008 for the Boston Celtics)?

You’ll notice a lot of these players ran into the true unstoppable force that was the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s.

17 3-Pointers in NBA Finals Series

Who: Derek Harper
Team: New York Knicks
When: 1994
Did they Win? No.

What Happened? This was the Knicks year to win the Eastern Conference and have a chance in the NBA Finals. Why? No Michael Jordan! Jordan was off playing baseball and giving other teams a chance, but they lost to the Houston Rockets. In case you forgot, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon and Clyde “The Glide” Drexler took this one in 7 games.

Who: Thunder Dan Majerle
Team: Phoenix Suns
When: 1993
Did They Win? No.

What Happened? Sorry Dan Majerle, the lone white guy on this list, but you had to play against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It just wasn’t meant to happen. Bulls won in 6.

16 3-Pointers in NBA Finals Series

Who: Rashard Lewis
Team: Orlando Magic
Year: 2009
Did They Win? No.

What Happened? They played Phil Jackson’s Los Angeles Lakers, that’s what happened. The Magic lost in a less than dramatic 5 games. Now, Rashard is sitting on the bench for the Miami Heat watching another guy (Green) get buckets and is possibly losing another championship. A tip for Rashard, move out of Florida and quit playing for teams that have been or are coached by Stan Van Gundy.

Who: John Starks
Team: New York Knicks
Year: 1994
Did They Win? No.

What happened? See Derek Harper (Above).

15 3-Pointers in NBA Finals Series

Who: Kobe Bryant
Team: L.A. Lakers
Year: 2010
Did They Win? Yes! Finally.

What Happened? Kobe lit up the Boston Celtics winning his fifth NBA Championship and second NBA Finals MVP. They beat Boston in 7 games.

Who: Robert Horry
Team: San Antonio Spurs
Year: 2005
Did They Win? Yes.

What Happened? The Detroit Pistons were going for their second straight championship, but Tim Duncan was too much in 7 games. Big Shot Bob did his part with 15 3-pointers and had to battle with the Wallace’s down low. I’m not sure which Wallace is my favorite. Rasheed “The Ball Don’t Lie” Wallace or Big Ben “Afro-Mazing” Wallace. If you don’t understand “The Ball Don’t Lie” reference then YouTube it.

Who: Reggie Miller
Team: Indiana Pacers
Year: 2000
Did They Win? No.

What Happened? Reggie and his Pacers lost to the Lakers in 6 games. Phil Jackson, Shaq, Kobe and the rest of the Lakers beat the Pacers despite the feud between Shaq and Kobe. At that time, Shaq was asking Reggie, “How my booty hole taste?”

Who: Byron Russell
Team: Utah Jazz
Year: 1997
Did They Win? Haha.

What Happened: Michael Jordan happened and “Stockton to Malone” couldn’t stop the Bulls.

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