Hoopster Rocking a Darius Miles Cavaliers Jersey

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Darius Miles Cavs Jersey

This Darius Miles Cleveland Cavaliers jersey was sent in by fellow Hoopster Gibson Smith. We’ve seen a Darius Miles Clippers jersey before but haven’t capture a Cavaliers one yet, until now. So what else about Darius Miles can I tell you. Hmmm…he was taken third overall in the 2000 draft. This draft class was especially turdtastic as here’s some of the gems that were taken:

  • Stromile Swift #2 by the Grizzlies
  • Marcus Fizer #4 by the Bulls
  • DerMarr Johnson #6 by the Hawks
  • Chris Mihm #7 by the Bulls
  • Jerome Moiso #11 by the Celtics
  • Mateen Cleaves #14 by the Pistons

Do I even need to keep going on? Sure, I’ll give you a few more:

  • Speedy Claxton #20 by the 76ers
  • Donnell Harvey #22 by the Knicks
  • Dalibor Bagaric #24 by the Bulls

If you are keeping track at home, the Chicago Bulls has three picks in the first round (#4, #7, and #24) and took Marcus Fizer, Chris Mihm, and Dalibor Bagaric. They later traded Chris Mihm for Jamal Crawford (who was taken one pick later) but that’s not the point. Talk about coming away with virtually dog crap from a draft. So after seeing those names having the Clippers draft Darius Miles doesn’t seem so bad.

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