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David Terrell Bears Jersey

I have a myriad of emotions about this jersey.  I grew up in Ohio and was taught to hate Michigan.  I thought David Terrell was going to be the Bears savior when they made him the 8th pick of the 2001 draft.  In my wildest dreams, I never imagined David Terrell was going to be my neighbor in downtown Chicago.  First of all, he is cross eyed.  Swear to God.  I was always trying to move into his line of sight.  I used to watch him work out in our gym, bench 285 ten times and then stand and watch TV.  Not exactly what a Bears season ticket holder wants to see.  My favorite story however is when he and DT Jr. were coming back from the store and had some NBA trading card packs.  DT was decked out in his leather NBA patch jacket and I asked if they had any Terrence Stansbury cards in the packs (completely different era but I love to talk about Terrence) and he said, “here you go man, take a pack.”  This is how impressionable I am.  One of the biggest busts in Chicago Bears history was giving me a pack of NBA trading cards and it was like I was meeting Jesus Christ himself.  I was totally in awe.  I haven’t seen Dave in a couple of years and sure do miss him.  Be well you Amani Toomer wanna be.

In the event that you were touched by this story and you want to buy this jersey to show support for David Terrell you can do so here.

This was written by special contributor Gibson Smith.

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