Prime Timing It in a Deion Sanders Jersey

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Deion Sanders falcons jersey

Just like how Halloween is when all the freaks come out, summer time is when Hoopsters and jersey enthusiasts crawl out from under their shells and start to emerge. Last week I was treated to two gems. The first was a Deion Sanders jersey from his time on the Falcons.

Normally this wouldn’t be very noteworthy except for the fact that I saw a guy wearing this in a dive bar at 10 pm on a Thursday in Chicago. There were no sporting events on tv and he was just chilling at the bar by himself. This clearly isn’t someone wearing a Primetime jersey just to be cool or nostalgic. There is no real logic to why this guy is rocking this. Had this been an Andre Rison or Brian Jordan Falcons jersey then I would have given him mad dap.

Reggie Bush USC jersey

On Saturday at a street festival I came across a Reggie Bush USC jersey. This jersey is definitely rare to begin with, none the less in Chicago. Who wouldn’t want to wear the jersey of the player that put his team on probation and had to give back his Heisman Trophy? This guy most definitely is a USC fan but I’m just not sure how I’d feel about Reggie Bush if I were a USC fan. On one hand he was absolutely filthy in college and helped lead them to a National Title. He was one of the most exciting players ever to watch. On the other hand he set the program back a few years because of his greedy ways. A Lendale White jersey may have been more appropriate.

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