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DeJuan Wagner Cavs Jersey

When you think of Cleveland Cavaliers legends your list would have to include Austin Carr, Mark Price, Larry Nance, Brad Daugherty, and ….. DaJuan Wagner, right? Wagner will always been remembered for his vaunted 100 point game in High School but in his rookie campaign he struggled to score 100 points, the whole season! A 13.4 ppg average followed by a superb campaign of 4 ppg in 11 games. But fear not the backcourt combo of him and Ricky Davis, yes that Ricky Davis, helped the 2002-2003 Cavs to the worst record in the NBA and winners of LeBron James and a whole new winning era.  See, you knew he was going to be a legend and he proved it.

DaJuan Wagner’s career was cut short by ulcerative colitis, unfortunately.  His comeback with the Warriors lasted all but 2 months. Imagine had he been healthy the Cavs could have landed Dwight Howard instead of Luke Jackson the following year.  Hey, you can’t blame the front office.

This guy is clearly looking around as if fans everywhere came to see him rather than Derrick Rose at the United Center.  The jersey looks as though it was fresh off the rack of the team shop.  Hard to believe as you would think it would get worn 81+ times a year.  For good touch the tag sticking out of the back and long sleeve tee underneath was the tag and stickers on hats before it was cool.  True Hoopster here.

This gem on DeJuan Wagner was written by new contributor Tom Hamm.

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