169 Part 1: Dennis Rodman Broke His Junk 3 Times

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Dennis Rodman broke his junk three times and we had to jump on a podcast to talk about it. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports Podcast as they dish about how in the world The Worm broke his worm, what the scenarios were, and why he kept on going back to the well.

Actually, we get to talking about Rodman’s escapades, but not before we got on a fun, random sports tangent about:

  • Who would we rather be: Yankee legend Scott Brosius or the well decorated but not well liked Alex Rodriguez?
  • How Mo Vaughn was the original David Ortiz.
  • Athletes who retire on top.

After that we get to Dennis Rodman’s broke junk. Then somehow that lead us into talking about:

  • Movies Dennis Rodman was in and with who.
  • How underrated the movie Goon is.
  • Which lead to talking about Goonies.

If you love sports and pop culture then part 1 of this multi part podcast is for you.

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