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Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends Wanted Him for that Jeter Juice

By September 26, 2014June 18th, 2018No Comments

derek-jeter-girlfriendsDerek Jeter is the modern day Captain America. Everybody loves him and he can do no wrong. Jeter has been a stud on and off the field and he lays down the law stronger than Judge Dredd with the ladies. Even Ludacris is jealous of Jeets black book, or as Luda would call it, his “hoedex”. All the ladies want to date Derek for that pimp juice, aka Jeter Juice. Here is a breakdown of some of the girlfriends of Derek Jeter’s past that just couldn’t get enough of that Jeter Juice. You won’t believe where these girls started and where they go after Jeets lets them go.


Mariah Carey

The first high profile dating for Jeter and the most success of her career was while with him. Coincidence? Not a chance. That’s why we see Carey making movies like Glitter after she broke up with Jeets. Very weak sauce.

In terms of status dating, Mariah Carey is top tier but how long can you put up with a diva like Mariah Carey? God Bless Nick Cannon. Without Jeters formula, would Carey have been as successful with her Butterfly and Daydream albums? Probably, but just like that lollipop question with the owl, the world may never know.

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