Digging Through My Baseball Cards

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Digging through my old baseball and basketball cards

1. Sarunas Marciulionis, 93′ Fleer Ultra – Euro-stache’ + short shorts = awesome look. Marciulionis was a runner up for Sixth Man of the Year twice and was one of the first Europeans to play in the NBA. He averaged an impressive 12.8 ppg for his career including 18.9 in 91′ despite only starting 5 games. In 96′ he was traded along with a second round pick (which became Jeff McInnis) for Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. That is a trade heavy with players that we love.

2. Scott Brooks, 90′ Skybox – Brooks is the current coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder. At only 6 feet tall and 170 pounds you can guess what Brooks was good at, shooting. In his senior year at Cal-Irvine he shot a staggering 44% from three point land. That kind of marksman ship allowed him to play 10 seasons in the NBA. He was never involved in any one for one trades other than for guys that you’ve never heard of (ex. Brian Oliver, Morlon Wiley, Jerome Allen).

3. Terry Kirby, 93′ Classic – I must have been high off of Sugar Daddy’s or something because there aren’t a lot of logical reasons why I should have bought a pack of Classic NFL Draft football cards. This Terry Kirby card is probably the least valuable thing that I currently have in my house. Kirby’s NFL was about as good as Crystal Pepsi aside from his passing numbers (note: he was a running back). Over his 10 year career he was 4 for 6 for 85 yards and 3 TD’s for a QB rating of 149.3. That gives Kirby more TD’s in six passes than Tim Tebow has passing in his last three games.

4. Tim Pugh, 93′ Pinnacle (Rookie Prospect) – 93′ was a career year for Pugh in many ways. He set career highs in wins (10), losses (15 – which was 6th most in the NL), earned runs (96 – which was 10th most in the NL), and K’s (94). That year he gave the Reds a 5.26 ERA and 1.57 WHIP. If you are not related to Tim Pugh I’d be shocked if you’ve ever heard of him.

5. Denny Neagle, 92′ Upper Deck – He looks like he is having a “Real World” moment where you just look off into the distance and contemplate how you got so messed up. For Neagle his vice was unattractive prostitutes. Even though he was a Major League baseball player, two time All Star, a 20 game winner, and made over $53 million in his career it’ll always be overshadowed by this. With all of those things going for you it can’t be that hard to find some club chick that wants to practice making babies just because you have cash.

6. Glenn Braggs, 87′ Topps – On the back of Braggs card it says “On this Date…July 6, 1986: Bob Horner belted 4 HR in one game for Braves.” How that is relevant to Glenn Braggs I have no clue. Braggs is marred to Cindy Herron who is a member of En Vogue. He was known for his tremendous upper body strength and even broke a bat on his back during a swing (he didn’t hit the ball). Here’s the video of it.

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