Do Jonathan Toews and Big Brother’s Dan Ghessling look a like

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While watching the NHLPA video titled “A message from Players to fans about the NHL lockout” it dawned on me that Chicago Blackhawk Jonathan Toews sort of looks like Dan Ghessling from Big Brother. What do you think?

Dan Ghessling and Jonathan Toews look a like

That video is a nice attempt to show the fans that the NHL players care but that is a load of crap. The nuts and bolts of why they are locked out isn’t important to us, the fans. That stuff is boring to read about and it’s really just a bunch of owners and players fighting for more money. It’s just unfathomable to me that the NHL didn’t learn anything from their last lockout and what it did to the sport (ex. it’s not on ESPN). Since I’m a die hard Penguins fan I’ll most certainly buy the Center Ice Package again and be watching almost every game. However, a lockout really effects people that are fringe fans and/or ones that are new to the sport, not someone like me. It doesn’t take much to lose these sports fans attention and when it’s gone what’s the incentive to come back? Seeing Alexander Ovechkin be half the player he was two years ago? Seeing Roberto Luongo not being happy? Sure it’s great to watch Pavel Datsyuk in the shootout, Patrick Eaves in the shootout, or anything that Evgeni Malkin does but that just isn’t enough when you don’t get the exposure that Lebron James and Kobe Bryant do. Here’s to hoping that Gary Bettman comes to his senses and finds a way to end this lockout quickly. Otherwise the NHL is going to be digging an even bigger hole for themselves that I’m not sure that they can get out of.

Rob Cressy

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