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Do Something Sweet

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do-something-sweet-auburnAt Bacon Sports we want to be better than other sports sites out there. On top of trying to make you laugh by fusing together sports and comedy, we want to be known as a destination for fun and awesomeness. Fun and awesomeness never stop being fun and awesome and that’s how we roll.

We want you to be part of what we are building and doing, so that’s why we create games like #FlagItTagIt (our interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing stupid stuff). It gives us an opportunity to have fun in a social way while connecting over our love of football. The more that you bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans participate and become part of our community the more fun and awesomeness that will come your way.

While shooting our Bruce Lee Ping Pong video (above) we came up with the concept of “Do Something Sweet!” What Do Something Sweet is all about is doing something sweet. There are no limits or bounds to what or how sweet your Do Something Sweet is. If it’s sweet it’s sweet.

We’ve taken the liberty to shoot a few more Do Something Sweet videos to show you what we’ve done so far. Since we just got our Bruce Lee mini-table from our friends at Killerspin we’ve been messing around and getting a triple double on these bad boys. That’s why they are appearing more often.

This one is a compilation of Do Something Sweet’s from our 12 dude, 2 RV Redhook Road Trip from Auburn to Chicago.

Our friends at Redhook do #onehandedsports where the goal is to do sports with one hand and drink a beer with the other. G-Hunt and I decided to combine that with a Do Something Sweet to create this ping pong trick shot video.

Really, the possibilities are endless for how many different things you could do that would qualify for Do Something Sweet.

What we want you to do now is be fun and awesome and Do Something Sweet. Take a video or Vine and share it with us using #DoSomethingSweet. You can also email it to us at boom@baconsports.com or tweet it to @BaconSports.


To help get your juices flowing with this we are even going to give you an incentive to Do Something Sweet. Our friends at Holster Up, who created gun holsters for your beer, will be giving away two of their awesome Holsters Ups. We’ll be rewarding them to the two best Do Something Sweet videos that are sent in. This giveaway runs until Friday, December 12 and we’ll announce the winners via social media (so make sure to follow us).

Now excuse me while I go Do Something Sweet!

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist and yinzer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.