Draft. Resign. Cut. – The Boston Celtics Big 3

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Paul Pierce. Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett.

I would draft Paul Pierce, resign Kevin Garnett, and cut Ray Allen.

With five seconds left and the game on the line Paul Pierce would be in the top two of current players that I’d want taking the last shot (along with Kobe Bryant). “The Truth” is clutch, knows how to finish, and works better with the ball in his hand. Ray Allen may be a better pure shooter but Pierce’s ability to create his own shot is what separates the two of them. Pierce also hasĀ one Finals MVP to his name which Ray Allen can’t claim. Pierce also started his career off quicker as he was averaging 25 ppg in his third season whereas it took Ray Allen to his fourth year until he got to 22 ppg. Because of this we’ll draft Paul Pierce and take the early production that he’ll give us.

Kevin Garnett was one of the first first players to successfully jump from High School to the NBA and make a huge impact (after Moses Malone). Because he was so young and raw it took him a year or two to really become a force but when he did there were very few players like him. He was good offensively but even better on defense. He’s a nine time First Team NBA All Defensive and one time Defensive Player of the Year. Since both Allen and Pierce can also score it’s Garnett’s defense and rebounding (he was in the top ten in total rebounds nine times including first in the NBA twice) that really separates him. Defense wins Championships so that’s why we’ll resign Garnett.

It’s not easy to say that you are going to cut Jesus Shuttlesworth but when put up against Garnett and Pierce we’ve got not other option. Ray Allen has the sweetest J that I’ve ever seen. It’s the basketball version of Ken Griffey Jr’s swing. If it were for sweetness points then Ray would win. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the hardware (no MVP or defensive awards) that the other two do. Sorry Ray but we are going to have to cut you. You can pick up orange slices and pretzel rods on your way out.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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