Easy Social Strategy: An Online Video Course To Easily Create A Written Social Media Strategy

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easy social strategy

Do you have a written social media strategy that you follow to help grow your brand?

If not you need one.


Because it saves a ton of time, improves your results, and adds more continuity when you do.

Sure you could take a spray and pray approach with your social media marketing and content, but do you think that’ll perform as well as having a written process that clarifies why you are creating, what you are creating, when you are creating?

Over the last 6 years building Bacon Sports, as well as my own personal brand, I’ve learned a ton about social media marketing, strategy, and how to create an easy to follow process that I want to share with you.

With Easy Social Strategy you’ll be able to easily create a written social media strategy in 30 days or less. I’ll give you the exact steps through a series of short videos. All you’ve got to do is listen, follow the steps, and execute.

Included in this is:

  • Defining your social media goals
  • Creating your user avatars
  • Creating your brand voice
  • Identifying your brand strengths
  • Creating content buckets (aka core update categories)
  • Creating a social media editorial calendar
  • Creating a written strategy by social media platform
  • Reporting: what stats matter?
  • Context Mix: having multiple ways to create
  • How to grow your social media audience
  • Ways to engage your community

At the end of Easy Social Strategy Course you will not only have a written social media strategy (that will stay with your brand forever), but you’ll have the confidence in knowing that you have a scalable and easy to follow process to help grow your brand.

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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