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Elevator Ernie and Skywalker Sager throwing down monster dunks

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I’m in the process of doing some research to create some sports themed tshirts that I hope to be able to feature and sell here. While doing this research I came across two video gems that I had never seen before (I believe they are from back in 2009) and since my man Craig Sager was involved I knew that I had to post it. The first video shows Craig “Skywalker” Sager in a slam dunk contest on what looks to be a seven foot rim.

Craig “Skywalker” Sager:

I love Sager’s boys sized medium Indiana/candy striper shorts combined with his Brooks on the front with “Craig Skywalker Sager” on the back shirt…tucked in. He may not have been sporting a crazy suit like he does now but this should have warned us for what was to come. His thunder dunk and graceful dismount once again shows why white men can’t jump but I do have to give him some credit. Sager threw down a dunk that looked like Shaq in his prime. He wanted to tear that rim right off the hoop.

“Elevator” Ernie Johnson:

The second video shows “Elevator” Ernie Johnson in the same dunk contest and while he didn’t fall like Sager did, his second dunk attempt was just as big of a fail. EJ managed to keep with the boys sized medium shorts combined with the Brooks tshirt tucked in. His first dunk attempt may be the whitest dunk I’ve ever seen and is the equivalent of going off a diving board and doing a pencil. Even worse is that he thought this dunk was money and came out with guns a blazin’. It has been my dream my entire life to be able to dunk a basketball. I’d probably pay $10k to be able to dunk a basketball whenever I’d like 100 separate times (no joke). Had I been in this dunk contest I most definitely would have tried to do some Dominique Wilkins shit (or at least some Craig Sager thunder dunk shit). Not this weak sauce that Ernie did.

As for the second dunk what I don’t understand is how in the hell Ernie missed that dunk? Not only is the rim super low but if you look closely it looks like he is using a women’s/miniature basketball. With a nickname like “Elevator” you’d think that Ernie could get up but that is most definitely not the case. The degree of difficulty on his dunk was maybe a 3 out of 10 (and that’s being generous). This is a bigger fail than Sager landing on his back after his dunk.

These two videos is the reason why video cameras were invented. Every single part of this is fantastic and it just may be my new favorite video ever. I can’t stop laughing.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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