At least he was better than Steve Walsh Jersey

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Erik Kramer bears jersey

You know that someone is a true fan when the jersey that he wears looks like a Nerf football after you leave it in the rain for a weekend. I’d expect a Chicago Bears fan to possibly rock a Mike Tomczak jersey but Erik Kramer…bravo sir. Erik Kramer was a poor mans Mike Tomczak. Over his career with the Bears Kramer went 18-28, never taking the team to the playoffs. His best season was in 1995 when the Bears went 9-7 and he threw for 3838 yards and 29 TD’s (which were Bears records at that time). True to Bears QB form he followed that up by going 1-3 the following season, getting injured, and never coming close to those numbers ever again.

There’s not a ton that is sexy about Erik Kramer so instead I’m going to give you a list of QB’s that played for the Bears around the same time. The names themselves will do all the talking: Steve Walsh, Dave Kreig, Shane Matthews, Steve Stenstrom, Rick Mirer, Moses Moreno. Barf.


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