NBA Accessory Domination: Face Masks vs. Shooting Sleeves

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Picture this: you’re at Dick’s Sporting Goods, copping swag for your rec basketball league, and you find yourself in a pickle between a face mask and a shooting sleeve. This is the hardest decision you’ve made since rec specs vs. neck pads, and you need help. Look no further than your friendly Bacon Sports fashion guru to solve your b-ball accessory dilemma!

Team Face Mask

Rip Hamilton gives it two thumbs up! Face masks are (gasp!) actually useful. Let’s say you get elbowed in the nose and your face is all jacked up. All you have to do is grab yourself a black face mask, a la LeBron, and scare the crap out of your opponents with your Mortal Kombat-looking face.

Your face is your money maker. That is, unless you’re Gheorghe Muresan. Then you might want to wear the mask as a courtesy to fans. But for the rest of us, protecting the face is a must. A mask helps in that regard. It ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done.

Team Shooting Sleeve

As many have pointed out, shooting sleeves actually have no use whatsoever. Sure, people have invented reasons like improved elbow circulation, but do we really believe that? Skeptical. But it seems that the uselessness of shooting sleeves actually wins them points. Apparently people like dumb things that have little to no use.

Another supporting argument for the sleeve is it looks baller. Melo’s follow through is the best because he rocks that sleeve so hard. And it totally makes the guns pop. Not Gilbert Arenas guns. I’m talking muscles. This makes me want to bring my sleeve out of retirement.

I were stuck between a face mask and a shooting sleeve, I’d have to go with the sleeve. The fact that it’s good for nothing somehow makes me like it more. Plus, everybody will be envious of my sleeve game because my right arm will look fantastic, while their arms are naked and lame. I hope I’ve helped anyone out there who is torn between a useful but nerdy face mask and a useless but awesome shooting sleeve.

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Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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