Top 5 Fails Of The Week

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top-5-fails-of-the-weekTime for the first of many Flat It Tag It Fails of the Week where we look back at the people who were called out and the stupid shit they did.

At our Redhook Road Trip from Chicago to Auburn my boy Neil flagged G-Hunt for ditching him at the security line for being a 6 foot 4 bearded brown man as they were attempting to talk their way onto the field at Jordan-Hare stadium. Here’s the tagging which resulted in G-Hunt buying Neil a beer.

Let this be a lesson, getting a free beer can be this easy and you recoup the cost of the penalty flag just like that.

His jersey would be sweetness if he were at a #Bears game. Instead he looks like a dickhead #FlagItTagIt #fail

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Come on smalls, didn’t you read our 10 Rules to Wearing Jerseys?  

When someone doesn’t finish their Bear Fight shot you #FlagItTagIt #fail A photo posted by Bacon Sports (@baconsports) on

Not finishing your drink, or in this case a Bear Fight shot (which is a Carb Bomb followed by a Jager Bomb), is a serious offense in this part of town.

Someone decided my travel toothbrush would be a good chew toy #FlagItTagIt

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Humans have the most fails but dogs are probably a close second. Eating my toothbrush is a first for my dog Callie, but she once ate a crap ton of Swiss Chocolate and then proceeded to crap it out on the floor 15 minutes before I was throwing a party. That most certainly was not appreciated.

Gary Clark Jr is this shit and he’s from Austin, Texas (not Austin, Massachusetts). If you dig rock and haven’t listened to him before check this jam Bright Lights out.

If you are awesome and your crew of friends like to get down then order some Flag It Tag It penalty flags. It’s fun and can get you free beer easily.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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