Famous Idaho Potato Bowl utterly delicious

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idaho potato bowl

idaho potato bowl

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – Toledo Rockets vs Utah State Aggies.

First off, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl has the best logo out of the 35 different bowl games this year. Whoever came up with that thing deserves the big piece of cake at the next company party. I mean, come on…a football that looks like a baked potato WITH SOUR CREAM AND CHIVES???? That football looks delicious.

More importantly though, we have our first taste of MACtion in bowl season. If you’re not on board with MACtion, then I hate your family and you know nothing about watching enjoyable college football. But in any case, on the Smurf Turf of Boise, ID, I expect Utah State to roll. Utah State was 10-1-1 ATS this season (do you know how hard it is to beat Vegas expectations 10/12 weeks?), while Toledo had a tough time with some of their lesser opponents. Additionally, Utah State played in this game last year – a one point loss to Ohio University – so this should be familiar to them. Since Toledo will have to travel almost 2,000 miles for this game, I’m guessing most players’ families won’t even make the trip. Lord knows I wouldn’t if I lived in lovely Toledo (just kidding, Toledo is gross. Ohio should try to give Toledo to Canada. Wouldn’t be surprised if they already tried and Canada declined the offer).

The pick – Utah State -10

Bowl Blasts From the Past

Toledo Rockets – Lance Moore

It’s tough for me to forget Lance Moore after the lemonparty he had against Miami University (Love and Honor) in the 2004 MAC Championship Game. Moore caught three TDs from Bruce Gradkowski in a victorious effort that led them to the 2004 Motor City Bowl. Against UConn, Moore was held in check to the tune of 5 catches for 48 yards. You could say the UConn defense did a really good job. Or you could think it was Gradkowski shaving points. This was one of the games in question. If investigators were really smart, they’d realize Gradkowski wasn’t shaving points, he just really sucked. How happy do you think Lance Moore was when he went from catching balls from Point-Shaver Gradkowski to Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees? Like going from Courtney Love to Kate Upton.

Utah State Aggies – Chris Cooley?

Utah State doesn’t really have much a bowl history or rich football tradition for me to hark back to. They’ve really sucked for a while, but I was surprised to find out Chris Cooley is a proud alum of USU. He never played in a bowl game while in Logan, but he’s got a pretty solid twitter page and he tried to negotiate beer in his last contract with the Redskins. I don’t know why you would have to negotiate beer into an NFL contract, if you’re already making like $800k, but that’s definitely a fratty thing to do and I respect.

-This was written by Jim Cook

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