Fan Tweets Before, During, and After Game 7 of the NBA Finals

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game-7-nba-finals-tweetsLast night the Miami Heat and the vaunted Big 2+ Chris Bosh and other washed up stars faced the San Antonio in arguably one of the most important Game 7’s in NBA history. Before the game we wondered if Pop and his crew would get their last ring before father time slaped them across the face like Pacman Adam Jones at a terrible bar in Cincinnati? Or will Lebron James get ring #2 and start to cement his legacy as one of the games greatest ever and help to keep order in Miami where fans still haven’t left the Clevelander for the game because Rony Seikaly was in the middle of a killer techno set?

We took to the pulse of America, Twitter, to find out what the world was thinking before, during, and after the game.

The fix is in! Most people probably wanted the quick whistle of Bennett Salvatore, but clearly people think conspiracy theorist czar David Stern has it rigged. Wonder if Jim Rome still beats his wife?

Welp, that did not take long. Huge game coming up and the focus is on Chris Bosh being uglier than E.T. clone Otis Nixon.

Game 7 always has unexpected heroes come out of nowhere. If not Rashard Lewis, than clearly Matt Bonner. And forget going to Disney World, he has his eyes on unseating Joe Montana for Sketchers Shape Ups spokesman.

The first major storyline of the game is some South Beach hoopster rocking a Steph Curry jersey amongst the Heat White Out. I could understand if he had a Hines Ward or Big Ben jersey, but this takes stones. BaconSports approved.

When your beer tastes bad, you know the game is sloppy and off to a slow start. Unless you are drinking Genesee Cream Ale, then even Game 6 would have been uglier than a Joakim Noah jumper.

Sign me the F up. The 2nd half is going to be more money than what these two have heisted combined. But this would be hard in the paint.

And that just happened. Boris Freaking Diaw. That pregame spread must have included I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, because I still can’t believe that happened.

Well said. This is suiting up better than Barney Stinson. Here is to an epic 4th quarter.

Damnit Manu. Acting like he is Mark Sanchez out there. At least get a new Lexus or a tractor if you are going to make it look so obvious. Heat MVP tonight.

Good god. Just when you are ready to write off either team, big shot after big shot. Not pictured- Larry Hughes.

Very simple. That was one of the best NBA finals you will ever see. More twists and turns, and more drama than a Rizzoli and Isles episode.

There you have what the world was thinking throughout the evening. It is well documented that I HATE/DESPISE/LOATHE the Heat, but you could not have asked for a better series, hats off. Can’t wait to see Juwan Howard hoist the Larry O’Brien. Without him no chance the Heat even make it out of the first round of the playoffs. Rony Seikaly is firing up the decks at Liv for an epic post title mix!



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