Fans Tweet the Darndest Things About Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin is everywhere. He is the Saved by Zero commercial of the NBA/ESPN. No matter how hard you try you just can’t escape him. He has led the New York Knicks to their seventh consecutive win and gives them the much needed point guard that they’ve been missing to allow them to lose to the Bulls/Heat in the second round of the playoffs. When you combine something as crazy as Linsanity with Twitter you are likely to get people saying all sorts of asinine things. We decided to check the pulse of the Twittersphere and see what people were saying about Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin TweetJeremy Lin will never be better than Homer Simpson. Never.

Jeremy Lin TweetI love the completely irrational and uninformed sports fan. Really, Jeremy Lin would be better than Chris Paul and Derrick Rose?

Jeremy Lin TweetIf the Carmelo comes back to the Knicks and is able to coexist with Jeremy Lin then Knicks fans can thank Fardad Sabzevari for his tweet to Carmelo. I don’t think that Carmelo or anyone in the Knicks organization would have ever though of saying this.

Jeremy Lin TweetWhat can’t Jeremy Lin do (except for not turn the ball over)?

Jeremy Lin TweetI’m sure Floyd Mayweather would be happy about that.

Jeremy Lin TweetESPN does have a way of going a little bit overboard with stories. See also Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, steroids.

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