Farewell, Josh Cribbs

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josh-cribbs-brownsOver the past 13 season since they returned to the NFL, the Cleveland Browns have given fans one playoff appearance, two winning seasons, and many laughable defeats. You can think of the franchise as huge bowl of delicious Cool Whip with a giant turd in the middle of it. However, there were a few bright spots that appeared over the years, and one of which was Josh Cribbs.

His balls-to-the-wall style of play was something that every Browns fan could appreciate. I can recall countless times that he gave the Browns great field position on his returns, only to have the inept Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, or Charlie Frye screw it up. He could run the ball, catch the ball, play QB in the Wildcat, or return punts and kicks. He was willing to do whatever it took to help the team win. He is 6th all-time in combined KR and PR yardage (#1 active player). He also shares the number one spot for career kick return TD’s with 8. As long as his brain doesn’t turn into scrambled eggs from all the hits (and don’t forget this) he has taken, he should definitely be able to break that record someday.

Perhaps, my favorite Cribbs memory was this little play against the Yinzers in 2007. It always means more when it comes against the Black and Gold. That was the best season of his career with 1,809 kick return yards, which is actually the 2nd best season in NFL history. In 2009, he had another record setting day returning two kickoffs over more than 100 yards for TDs in the same half against the Chiefs.

Now, as the new Browns regime begins to take shape, they have decided to head in a new direction and make Cribbs a free agent. I wish Cribbs the best of luck in Arizona. Lord knows the weather is about 1000 times better than continuous blanket of depressing, gray skies that cover the Cleveland area for much of the year, although they probably have a worse QB than the Browns at this point, which is difficult to believe.

In any case, here is a tip of the hat to Josh for 8 great seasons. I just hope he gets the chance to make some more fantastic television appearances. Go buy a Fathead!


Aaron Senich

Aaron Senich

A long-suffering Cleveland Browns fans, who will be switching allegiances to the Seattle Seahawks for the 2014 season through marriage. Bloody mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. -Archer