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Fashion recycled in Sports. Athletes soon to be dressing like 90s sitcom stars

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dwayne-wade-jacketWith Russell Westbrook ruled out for the playoffs I thought we were void of star athletes rocking garb my father would not even don during his prime in the 70’s. Wrong. Dwayne Wade rolled out to the post game presser for game 2 wearing a jacket that looked like he borrowed it from Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You remember the sport coat turned inside out that looked like Superman ice cream, puke, and my 3 year old niece’s drawings mixed into one design. I guess that’s better than glasses with no lenses.

This got me thinking about sports and fashion. They say fashion is cyclical and always comes back. Athletes are always in the spotlight and like to sport the newest threads. With the inside out Fresh Prince sport coat Wade showed off, I want to dissect some looks from the late 80’s and early 90’s that you can expect to see soon based of this theory.

High waisted stonewashed jeans


Albert Clifford (A.C.) Slater made these the hip style when he was roaming the halls of Bayside High as a three sport star while making Valley his punching bag like they were Robin Ventura. Don’t laugh, because you certainly owned these and if not you wanted a pair and probably a hot orange tank top to compliment it. Soon Kevin Durant will be interviewed at his locker rocking a pair of high waisted stonewashed jeans sitting backwards in a chair telling us that Len Bias had it all, including cocaine.

Bomber Jackets


Aside from the Swiss army knife and pure mullet, Angus MacGyver was always taking on new cases for the Phoenix Foundation bundled up in this jack of all trades coat. This coat brings all of the style and grace of THE popular coat but still lets the ladies know you are a true man that knows how to break out of an incinerator using a pants drawstring and a paperclip like hockey buff Richard Dean Anderson. There is no doubt Cam Newton and Tom Brady have their eyes set on bringing this back. A-Rod will try, but still look like a douchebag who thinks tan is a lifestyle and not a color.

Bangs + Mullet


There is no one that went harder in the paint then Bobby Budnick, who ran Camp Anawanna with a Bad Boy USA attitude taking no prisoners. More impressive is the shrine he kept atop his dome. The soulless ginger had the early 90’s staple mullet but with a set of low hanging bangs in the front, the type of cut you expect from some Wall Street yuppies that live on power moves. It takes a special no holds barred hardo to pull this off, of course pastel color shirts and baggy jeans are included. Alex Ovechkin is primed to be stylin’ this look, especially while drunk and wheeling 120 mph in his sports car with a few underage ladies in the District.

Suspenders and thick glasses


Steven Urkel perfected this look in suburban Chicago while harassing neighbor cop Carl Winslow like he was Mark Chmura around under age chicks. This was the type of gear your mom dressed you up in and you ditched it before you got to school, except Urkel embraced it as part of his persona. At first I would expect Nick Swisher or Bryce Harper to bro it up in this drab, but realize it would only be as a joke. When Russell Westbrook vowed to come back from his injury better than ever, he clearly meant his clothing game and this is the look you can expect. Sadly he will be serious.

What tv shows did you dig as a youngster and more importantly what atrocious giddy-up do you think will be making a comeback, especially in the sports world?


Tom Hamm

Tom Hamm

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