Five sweet early 90’s Chicago Bulls videos that don’t include Michael Jordan

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craig hodges nba jersey

craig hodges nba jerseyIf you were born between 1975-1985 then there is a good chance that you were a fan of the early 90’s Chicago Bulls if for no other reason than Michael Jordan. Since MJ and his squad hold a special place in my heart I thought that I’d drop an all Chicago Bulls edition of Five Random Videos. Amazingly I don’t include a single Michael Jordan highlight video and the only time that he appears is when Steve Kerr is talking trash to him. Ya, that’s how we roll. We’ll drop an all MJ edition some other time but these videos are just too fantastic too pass up.

1991 Mr. Submarine commercial where Scottie Pippen talks to a 6 foot sandwich

“This is one 6 footer that I can’t handle one on one…ladies…lets have a party”. I wonder what kind of party that is Scottie. Possibly one that involves no clothes and sipping copious amounts of champagne off each other? I can say with relative certainty that Scottie had a party with these two ladies where he showed them his footlong that they couldn’t handle one on one.

By the way, any time Scottie’s package comes into question I can only think of one thing. Just Google “Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan Madonna”. You’ll never think of Scottie the same way again.

Steve Kerr talking trash to Michael Jordan after hitting the game winning shot and the NBA title

This video only makes me like Steve Kerr even more. With so few opportunities to do so you’ve gotta lay it on MJ when you can. What better outlet than on the podium in front of the city of Chicago after winning the NBA title.

If you dig the work that Kerr does for TNT then you should check out an article we did on which NBA players most resemble certain announcers.

Horace Grant gets stuffed by Dikembe Mutomobo twice and the Nuggets run a putrid fast break

After watching that video I’ve come to a few conclusions. First, Dikembe Mutombo was a beast. This was never in question but it’s nice to be reminded of his dominance. Second, the Denver Nuggets are absolutely putrid at fast breaks. That last fast break that they ran was possibly one of the worst I’ve ever seen. They’ve got a four on one and they throw the ball out of bounds? WTF? Lastly, there were six shots shown in that video and none were taken by Michael Jordan. That has to be some sort of record. There’s a better chance of seeing Bigfoot hanging out with a unicorn then seeing this again.

Craig Hodges wearing the “NBA no team affiliated” jersey in the 1993 NBA three point shootout

This video is my unicorn. No joke I’ve searched for a picture/video/messenger pigeon telegram of Craig Hodges rocking the no team affiliated NBA jersey from the 1993 NBA three point shootout for years. Yes, YEARS. Give it a shot yourself. Aside from this video (which recently came out in the last few months) there is nothing out there visually showing this. That jersey is the holy grail of jerseys. I can now die a happy man.

I like how the announcers start with some pre-shootout drama that Mark Price didn’t want Craig Hodges in the shootout. When you are a white dude who rains jumpers you have to talk trash by hoping that your opponent is omitted from the competition. That’s weak sauce Mark Price. Didn’t you watch White Men Can’t Jump and learn anything from Billy Hoyle?

John Paxson doing a Schick razor commercial with his brother Jim

“Mr. Three point shooter used to miss three points on his face until I got him to shave with the Slim Twin disposable”. Uhhh what the hell does “miss three points on his face” mean? Am I to believe that when John Paxson shaved he’d clearly miss three different areas of his face? If so I think that we’ve got a much larger issue on our hands because even homeless people know how to shave properly even with just a one blade razor instead of a dope dual blade like the Slim Twin disposable. Sometimes my mind is blown by stuff that came from the early 90’s.

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