Flag It Tag It: Our Penalty Flag Game For Calling People Out

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penalty flag game


Say hello to Flag It Tag It. An interactive penalty flag game where you call out people for doing dumb stuff in everyday life. The game is simple:

Step 1: Get a penalty flag in the Bacon Store.

Step 2: Flag anyone who does something stupid or deserves to be called out.

Step 3: Share a picture or video and use #FlagItTagIt.

We’ll be compiling the best ones each week from all the social media networks. As always, you can find us @BaconSports.

Why did we create this game? Because football players aren’t the only ones that deserve to be flagged. Plus, it’ll be tons of fun as there’s endless things that are flag worthy and should be called out.

We decided to create a rap video/Flag It Tag It anthem to tell you a few of the flaggable offenses.

Other offenses also receiving votes were:

  • Dead fish handshake
  • Guy who goes dutch on a date
  • Spilling a drink on someone at the bar
  • PC Load Letter
  • Girls who are wearing the same outfit

We are looking forward to seeing what people, companies, and situations you bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans flag.

The cost for a Flag It Tag It penalty flag is $15 for a three pack (so you get three penalty flags), which is about the price of a ticket to a Jaguars game plus this game is more fun with friends. No doubt you’ll be able to make up your initial cost just on the beers that people will buy you for pulling out a penalty flag in a bar and calling someone out. It can also lead to numerous free lunches at work if you create a system where the person who is penalized the most or hits a certain amount of penalties first has to buy lunch. Think of it as the Rasheed Wallace Rule. Once again, the possibilities are really endless.

We strongly encourage being creative with the photos or video that you share. Let this be an opportunity for your awesomeness and calling out skills to shine.

We only ordered 108 of these in our first batch so grab one now, let your friends know about it, and get flagging and tagging!

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist and yinzer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.