20 Juicy Football Stats to Make You Smarter

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football-stats-miamiMy job is to make you a more well rounded sports fan. School is back in session so here are 20 juicy football stats that’ll make you look like a pro at the bars this weekend.


NFL Football

1. The Denver Broncos are on pace to score 736 (46 ppg) points this season. The current record is held by the 2007 New England Patriots who scored 589 (36.8 ppg).

2. The old Cleveland Stadium hosted the most NFL games by a single team (not including The Meadowlands) with 387.

3. The highest scoring NFL playoff game since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger was a 51-45 Wild Card game between the Cardinals and Packers in 2009 won by Arizona.

4. Since the AFL-NFL merger, only two players have made the NFL Hall of Fame despite being undrafted: Warren Moon and John Randle.

5. Vinny Testaverde holds the record for most losses by a QB with 123.

6. The Kansas City Chiefs have the distinction of having the longest postseason losing streak in the NFL at 7 games dating back to 1994.

7. Morten Andersen attempted the most FGs in NFL history at 709. Adam Vinatieri has the highest active number of FG attempts at 500.

8. Bruce Matthews holds the record for most Pro Bowls by an OL with 14.

9. Merlin Olsen holds the record for most Pro Bowls by a DL also with 14.

10. Arian Foster is the last NFL player with 100 yards receiving and 100 rushing in one game which he did in 2011.


College Football

1. Robbie Mixon from Central Michigan has the record for most rushing yards in one game during the 2000s with 377 yards in 2002.

2. Since 1980, there have been 3 teams to win the National Title despite not being ranked in the Preseason Top 25: Clemson (1981), Miami (1983), and BYU (1984).

3. Northwestern has given up the most points by any team in NCAA history with 24,062 through the 2012 season.

4. The University of Oklahoma has scored the most points of any team in college football history with 32,447 through the 2012 season.

5. The 2008 Oklahoma Sooners hold the modern-day record for most points scored in a season by a team with 716.

6. The Oklahoma St. Cowboys hold the highest winning percentage for bowl games at 65% (15-8).

7. The 2010 East Carolina Pirates surrendered the most points of any BCS team in one season allowing 572 total points.

8. Minnesota-Wisconsin has the longest standing rivalry in NCAA football at 123 games.

9. The Miami Hurricanes hold the longest home winning streak at 58 games from 1985-1994.

10. The Northwestern Wildcats suffered through the longest losing streak in college football history from 1979-1982 at 34 games.







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