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football-stats-3There’s no such thing as too much football knowledge. Like I do every Friday I’m here to make you a smarter football fan by dropping 20 fantastic football stats.

NFL Stats

1. Have no fear (0-3) teams. Of the 161 teams that have started (0-3) since 1978, only 5 have made the playoffs.

2. The last team that started (0-3) and made the playoffs was the 1998 Buffalo Bills who finished (10-6).

3. This is the first time since 1932 that the Redskins and Giants started off the season at (0-3).

4. The Philadelphia Eagles have lost 8 straight home games, which is the longest streak in the NFL.

5. The Redskins defense has given up 1,464 yards in their first 3 games of the season. Jim Haslett might want to freshen up his resume.

6. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, Walter Payton holds the record for most TD passes by a non-quarterback with 8.

7. Peyton Manning just needs 73 more TDs in his career to pass Brett Favre for the all lead at 508.

8. The state of Vermont is home to the fewest number of NFL players in history with 9.

9. Texas is home to the highest number of NFL players in history with 2,119.

10. Over the past 30 Super Bowls, only three RBs have won the MVP award: Terrell Davis (1997), Emmitt Smith (1993), and Ottis Anderson (1990).


College Football Stats & Trends

1. Ole Miss is 12-4 against the spread in all games over the past 2 seasons.

2. Washington is 11-3 against the spread in all home games over the last 3 seasons.

3. Louisiana Tech was the last team to forfeit a win, which it did in 1998 involving a victory over Texas A&M.

4. Ndamukong Suh (2009) is the only defensive player to win the AP Player of the Year award.

5. Baylor coach Grant Teaff won the AFCA Coach of the Year Award with 4 losses finishing at (8-4) in 1974. It is the most losses by an award winner.

6. Charles Woodson is the only defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy (1997).

7. The oldest Heisman Trophy winner was Chris Weinke QB, Florida St. who won the award at age 28 in 2000.

8. Since 1980, only two players have been named Consensus All-American Selections for three consecutive years: Herschel Walker (1980-1982) & Jim Laurinaitis (2006-2008).

9. Since 1960, the lowest scoring college bowl game was a 3-0 barnburner between Oregon St. and Pitt in the 2008 Sun Bowl.

10. The highest-scoring college bowl game was a 64-61 Marshall victory over East Carolina in the 2001 GMAC Bowl.







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