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Last night Los Angeles Dodger Scott Van Slyke, the son of my favorite baseball player ever Andy Van Slyke, hit a 3 run HR in the 7th inning to help the Dodgers defeat the Cardinals. This was Van Slyke’s first career dinger. Naturally when I saw “Van Slyke” that made me think about how awesome that his dad was. I currently own only one piece of Pittsburgh Pirates attire and it’s an Andy Van Slyke jersey. I decided to go to eBay and see what sort of Andy Van Slyke memorabilia was out there.

Vintage 1989 Andy Van Slyke Pittsburgh Pirates Pennant: $19.99

Andy Van Slyke Pennant

This pennant is pretty sweet. My room used to be littered with these things and it’s a shame that is still not the case. Without pennants like this Fatheads probably wouldn’t have existed.

(here’s the link)

Andy Van Slyke signed baseball: $21.95

Andy Van Slyke Signed Ball

I only included this so that you could get a gauge for how much an autographed ball from Andy Van Slyke goes for. I think I’d rather have the pennant.

(here’s the link)

Andy Van Slyke Pittsburgh Pirates mini poster: $5

Andy Van Slyke poster

Slyke -> “Slick”…how cleaver. I would have preferred to see “Sluggo” on here as that’s the nickname that he went by in my household. I love how this poster is showing his perfect home run form. To me this is as beautiful as seeing Kate Upton do the Cat Daddy. This does lose some cool points because the poster is only 4×6, so it’s less than the size of a box of Wheat Thins.

(here’s the link)

Andy Van Slyke 1992 7-11 Slurpee Sheet Disk Coin Photo: $1.50

Andy Van Slyke Slurpee Photo

Even after reading the description a few times I still have no clue what this actually is. From what I gathered you got this when you bought a Slurpee from 7-11. I’m not sure why anyone would ever save this and then decide to sell it on eBay 20 years later.

(here’s the link)

July 28, 1990 Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies ticket stub: $2.99

Pittsburgh Pirates ticket stub

This is completely worthless. This seller is putting this up for auction on the basis that Andy Van Slyke, Bobby Bonilla, and Von Hayes each hit a home run that day. I think your money is better spent on that stupid 7-11 Slurpee thing.

(here’s the link)

1988 MLB Cadaco All Star Baseball Game Photo Disk of Andy Van Slyke: $1

Andy Van Slyke Photo Disk

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was that it looked like a birth control wheel.

(here’s the link)

1987 Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule Photo of Barry Bonds, Jim Gott, and Andy Van Slyke: $1.59

Andy Van Slyke Photo

This photo makes me want to puke. As a tortured Pirates fan this brings me back to the days when the Bucos were contenders to win not only the National League but the World Series plus it shows what Barry Bonds head looked like pre-steroids. I’m not sure what’s in Van Slyke’s ass as he seems pissed off while Bonds and Jim Gott are smiling like they just heard a funny Andrew Dice Clay joke.

(here’s the link)

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