FREDDYKRUGR #69 Will Slice Yo Ass

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freddykugr redskins jersey

freddykugr redskins jerseyThe creativity of custom #69 NFL jerseys has gone to a whole new pervy level this year. We’ve already captured a Your Mom #69 Steelers jersey to go with a Hope #69 Bears jersey. Now we’ve got a Redskins fan who is paying homage to his favorite horror movie villain as well as sexual position. RGIII’s Redskins career has been part hot girl in the woods skinny dipping with a couple parts Freddy Krueger slicing her and her friends into pieces so I get the reluctance to rock his jersey.

I can only hope that this trend of custom #69 jerseys, which is an interesting/different/unique subset of the jersey rocking culture, continues to churn out goodness like this.

Shout out to @JesseLehrich for sending over this frightening jersey.

If you see a custom jersey or #randomjersey on the street make sure to snap a pic and tweet it to us @BaconSports.

Rob Cressy

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