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It’s Friday so it’s time for our second round of sports trivia and this time it’s going to be a bit harder (since I’m not on an airplane). I’d probably give this a 6 out of 10 on the degree of difficulty scale.

  1. Which fellow coach did Houston Oilers defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan punch on the sidelines in the waining moments of the first half in a 1994 game vs the New York Jets?
  2. Who is the only pitcher to throw a no hitter in consecutive starts?
  3. What brother combination has the MLB record for most combined career home runs?
  4. Which player does not belong in this group and why? Brent Barry, Fred Jones, Desmond Mason, Shawn Kemp, Gerald Green, Josh Smith.
  5. Which NBA player scored the most points in a game without an assist or rebound?
  6. Phi Slama Jama was the nickname for which college basketball team?
  7. What did Loyola Marymount guard Bo Kimble do to honor his fallen teammate Hank Gathers during the NCAA tournament?
  8. How many NBA titles has Phil Jackson won as a coach?
  9. Which NBA player had the most free throw attempts without a made free throw?
  10. Which NFL quarterback did Jim Rome call Chris which lead to an on air fight? (if you don’t know this I will lose a lot of respect for you)
  11. The movie Blue Chips featured three real life ex-college basketball stars. Name those three players. Bonus points: what was each of their characters names (first and last)
  12. How many World Series titles do the Florida Marlins have?

For the following section all that you have to do is tell me which college the player went to. This one will be all NBA:

  1. Eduardo Najera
  2. Keyon Dooling
  3. Derek Fisher
  4. Brandon Bass
  5. Luke Walton
  6. Shawn Marion
  7. Delonte West
  8. Nate Robinson
  9. Mo Williams
  10. Quentin Richardson

I’ll end this with the question of most significance:

There are six team nicknames that are shared among the four major sports, name them without looking (for example: The Edmonton Oilers and Houston Oilers – this doesn’t count because the Houston Oilers are no longer an active team).

To break up the questions from the answers I’ll show you a throwback video of Kiana Tom on the show Body Shaping. I love the playful banter, “that’s a nice training outfit” of which Kiana responds with “I might as well train in a bathing suit…if that’s OK with you”. Indeed it is.


Part 1:

  1. Kevin Gilbride. Here’s the video (which has a nice Cody Carlson name drop)
  2. Johnny Vander Meer
  3. The Aaron Brothers (Hank and Tommie). Hank hit 755 and Tommie hit 13 for a total of 768.
  4. Shawn Kemp. All of the other players won an NBA Slam Dunk contest
  5. Allan Houston. He scored 37 points. He also had no steals or blocks either)
  6. The Houston Cougars who featured Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon. Despite all the hype this squad never won an NCAA championship
  7. He shot his first free throw of every game in the tournament left handed (he was right handed). Amazingly Bo went 3 for 3 doing this.
  8. 11. 6 with the Chicago Bulls, 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers.
  9. Shaquille O’Neal with 11 in a game vs the Seattle SuperSonics in 2000.
  10. Jim Everett. This is one of the most notorious sports clips ever.
  11. Matt Nover (Ricky Roe), Anfernee Hardaway (Butch McRae), Shaquille O’Neal (Neon Boudeaux). Enjoy this sweet Blue Chips trailer.
  12. They have won 2 World Series Title (1997 and 2003)

Part 2:

  1. Oklahoma Sooners
  2. Missouri Tigers
  3. Arkansas Little Rock Trojans
  4. LSU Tigers
  5. Arizona Wildcats
  6. UNLV Running Rebels
  7. St Joseph Owls
  8. Washington Huskies
  9. Alabama Crimson Tide
  10. DePaul Blue Demons

Question of most significance:

  1. Kings (Los Angeles and Sacramento)
  2. Jets (New York and Winnipeg)
  3. Cardinals (Arizona and St Louis)
  4. Rangers (New York and Texas)
  5. Panthers (Florida and Carolina)
  6. Giants (San Francisco and New York)
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