Charlie Hustle, Joe Table, and a 105 year old woman who loves bacon

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cup-check-birdman-jose-mesaWelcome to the first edition of the most important stop in your day. The place where you will find everything you need to keep your day going, from sports trivia and birthdays, to totally awesome random sports videos and stuff about bacon. Say hello to the Midday Cup Check. Every day around 12 pm (central) we’ll be dropping this so make sure to check back then.

Blowing out Candles Today

  • Randy Brown, best known for selling his three championship rings to…didn’t MJ win Randy his rings? Shouldn’t they be MJ’s to sell?
  • Fair Hooker, receiver for the Cleveland Browns. Who the hell cares what he did, I had to include this guy, what a name!
  • Jose Mesa, aka Joe Table.
  • Tommy John, made famous for the surgery performed on his arm, kept taking the mound for years after his surgery, until he was 46. What’s your excuse?

What happened on this day in sports

  • 1962 – Roger Maris walks 5 times (record 4 intentionally) in a 9 inning game. I’m guessing there weren’t too many fantasy leagues using OBP back then.
  • 1985 Pete Rose trots home his 2,108th run, passing Hank Aaron as the all-time NL run scoring leader.
  • 1994 – Toronto’s NBA franchise unveils the Raptors name and logo. Jurassic Park enthusiasts rejoice.

Totally Awesome Random Sports Video of the Day

The Charlotte Hornets name is back so it only felt appropriate to give some dap to LJ, Zo, and the 1993 team. Here’s to hoping that they can turn things around because this video is evidence that they’ve got a fan base that is just waiting to erupt.

Sports Trivia

According to depth charts, name the top two pitchers in the starting rotation of each team (answers at bottom of page).

  1. San Fransico Giants
  2. Chicago Cubs
  3. New York Mets
  4. Houston Astros
  5. San Diego Padres

Two Balls and One Strike

Two of the stats/facts below are true and one of them is completely made up. Which one is not true (answers at bottom of page)?

  1. Ray Allen has participated in the NBA Slam Dunk contest
  2. LeBron James has a career 33% shooting percentage from behind the three point line
  3. Chris “Birdman” Andersen went to college on a football scholarship to play tight end

Bacon Love

In case you were wondering what it takes to be able to ride Shotbun in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, you need to live until you are 105 year old and reveal that bacon is the secret behind your longevity. The Oscar Mayer will give you some dap.

Sports Trivia Answers

  1. San Fransico Giants – Matt Cain and Madison Baumgartner
  2. Chicago Cubs – Jeff Samardzijia and Edwin Jackson
  3. New York Mets – Jonathan Niese and Matt Harvey
  4. Houston Astros – Bud Norris and Lucas Harrell
  5. San Diego Padres – Edison Volquez and Jason Marquis

Two Balls and One Strike Answer:

The Birdman did not go to college on a football scholarship to play tight end.